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Are you looking for a particular place or happening?
If you are looking for a particular place of a city, a town or province and not a specific city, for example Trastevere, Lunigiana, Maremma or Val d’Isarco, or you are looking for accommodations to visit or take part into a happening, exposition or fair, put the name you are looking for in the blank called “search for happening” in the Home page: will search for you and present you a list of all the resorts that have given their availability in such occasion.

Lost your password?
If you loose or forget your password, go to the Home page: in the box of the reserved area, click on “I forgot my password” and a page will appear to explain you the procedure to recollect your password. Fill “your email” blank with the email address you used while registering, and will verify your data and send the password to your email. Later on you can go back to the Home page and use your password when required.

Forgotten your Login?
Remember: the Login to enter is the email you used while registering; try all the email you have if you don’t remember it.
If no results come, send us a copy of your identity card and fiscal code, by fax or email, give us a valid email address and we will send you your access code. Of course the data you send have to be same you used while registering.

How to change the password to enter the reserved area (only for users)
If you want to change your password for the reserved area, enter with your Login, using the old username and password, click on the “Agenda” and choose “My Data”; at the bottom of the page you find two empty blanks, “Password” and “Password confirmation”, fulfil them both with the new password and click on “Modify”.

How to change the email used to receive messages from ? (only for users)
If you want to change the email-Login you use to receive messages from, the procedure to make is the same as before, but now the blank you are concerned with is “e-mail”; confirm it in the blank “email confirmation” and then click on “Modify”.

Impossible to enter your Agenda, although Login and Password are correct? uses cookies: this modest files are useful to codify your navigation and to address you to the correct pages, reserved to you, or just to choose your preferred language. If they are blocked, you probably won’t be able to enter your “Agenda” (Backoffice area for resorts) or to choose the language to navigate. You can modify them in the specific area of your browser (the programme you use to navigate); many browsers automatically stop when the websites are considered unsafe or unknown, just for protecting you during your navigation. If you don’t know the procedure, have a look at your browser or privacy guide for help, the browsers might act differently.

How to change or cancel your reservation
If you want to change the terms of your reservation or cancel it all, put yourself in contact with the resort you chose through message service or through email, specifying the code of the reservation. The reservation codes are held in the section “My Reservation” of your online Agenda. Remember to specify you booked with a resort might work for different booking companies, each of them with their own particular procedure. In order to grant your rights, we suggest you to use media of communication that might be verifiable in case of further claims. Before cancelling a reservation have a look at the rules “how to make a cancellation” contained in the “price and offer” page of each resort: some resorts have their own rules about cancellation and deposit refounding. If the resort accepts your cancellation, take clear agreements to have your money back: won’t be responsible for that.

Suggestions for your search
To obtain better results or a wide range of choices, try to focus your searches on the main topics such as class and facilities…although presents many search blanks that define your work, too much detailed description might lead to no resort entirely satisfying your enquiry. Use only the data you are strict concerned with. For example, you look for a particular place to stay but not a specific time table? Put only the name of the place. Or no specific class of resort? Don’t give any class nor type of resort, you can choose it later on. No ideas for the place, but in the nearby of somewhere? Use the cartographic search and choose the area, a list with all the possible resorts will be presented to you.


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