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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
How can I save money by booking with HOTELiA?
Many websites offering a booking service, add 8 up to 20% charges on the standard prices for costumers. This is the reason why the prices you find in this websites are higher than the same on the resort’s price list. HOTELiA, instead, asks the resorts to pay an annual tax, less than 50 euros, so that they have no need to make higher prices. Moreover some resorts have made special prices for HOTELiA costumers so, isn’t it saving money?

Why register? What are the benefits?
You need to register in order to make reservations, your data are necessary to the resort to make your reservation effective. Thanks to registering with HOTELiA, you don’t need to write down your data each reservation: HOTELiA does it for you. Moreover, you have a personal area in the website called “My Agenda” where you can save all the information concerning your searches, names and notes about resorts, send messages, reserve easily the resort you prefer, hold the path of your reservation, modify or update your data. You have the opportunity to benefit of the special terms and conditions the resorts offer to HOTELiA’s costumers.

Should I give all the data required while registering?
Yes, although we only ask for the necessary data, the ones required while registering are necessary to make the reservation possible by the resort and to grant us your good intentions with the service offered. Your data will be held in accordance with the Privacy Regulation, article 13 D.Lgs n.196 dated 30/06/2003; at the end of the registration form you find the specific lines you have to agree with in order to allow the registration.

What is a special offer?
Sometimes the resorts propose money-saving special offers for costumers. Some of these ones are seasonal promotions or special services. In this section you find all the offers the resort are proposing and many ideas to plan your stay. In each page you find the terms and conditions and a brief description of the offer: for further information ask the resort personnel, you find what you are looking for.

What is a Last Minute?
As the words state, a Last Minute in tourism means a special offer due to an unlucky season, vacancy or just because somebody left the place free, very much soon before leaving. So if you are looking for a stay and you are about to leave, or you need ideas for your journey, Last Minute is the best mate you can have.

What’s the difference between a special offer and a Last Minute on HOTELiA website?
A Last Minute is an opportunity available at the right moment of your departure, rooms or flights or both; nowadays resorts and tour operators offer Last Minute just because of market’s demand, to make promotion, to acquire costumers. HOTELiA makes difference between Last Minute and special offers by focusing on the terms of the research and by imposing the 15 days deadline for the issued offers. This means that the Last Minute you find on HOTELìA really are occasions to be caught.

Is the accommodation actual?
There are many ways to make reservations, manly by medial instruments that are low in updating, causing an unreal vacancy or an impossible reservation although the accommodation seems to be available. HOTELiA has a method to verify vacancy that involves the resort personnel so that the offer is actual at any time. Moreover by using HOTELiA you will always have a summary of your researches, enquires and databases.

Should I pay a deposit for reserving?
Each resort has its own policy concerning deposit; HOTELiA is just a medium between resorts and costumers that helps you in contacting, in changing information and making agreements for money transfer.

Who is the receiver of the money I transfer?
Of course, the only receiver of the money you transfer is the resort itself. HOTELiA does not receive any money for your reservations, the deposit you send is for granting you your reservation and your rights on it. HOTELiA just holds the documents of it for you, in order to protect your reservation.

Is credit card necessary?
No, it is not necessary. HOTELiA allows you to transfer money by bank or postal transfer and of course by credit card or prepaid credit card (like PostePay) and by your PayPal account. Every resort presents its own terms of payment and the costumers may choose among the ones proposed.

Should I give my credit card data?
If you want to pay the deposit by credit card or by a prepaid credit card, of course you have to give your credit card data, card number included. This procedure is under SSL128 bit security system, whose supervisor is an established worldwide financial company that verifies the money transfer from you to the resort. This means that the only one that knows your card number is the mentioned established bank and all the procedure passes on its internet paths, granting its safeness. No resort knows your card details nor third parties, only the bank that uses a code language to work and it is one of the first financial company in the world.

Are fees and charges included in the price?
Yes, HOTELiA requires that the prices issued by the resorts are all inclusive, fees and charges too. If you should notice any abuse about, please inform us and we will care to check and, eventually, act against that. Anyway there might be differences between the prices shown in the “Price and Offer” page and what paid, due to particular service asked by the costumer. The prices issued are a minimum standard: if you require, for example, children facilities or other specific facilities, then the price charged might change. In the reservation form, the resort has to underline each cost and you can check the figures in the confirmation you receive.

Should I pay the resort for the stay?
Yes, of course. No one except for the resort has the right to ask you to pay in full. The total amount is clearly stated in the confirmation of the reservation as well as the deposit if required and the amount to pay in full.

Is it possible to cancel a reservation when already confirmed?
Every resort, in the “price and offer” page, presents its own procedure called “how to make a cancellation”: here you find the terms of cancellation that might allow you to cancel your reservation with just an email message, done with your Agenda pages, addressed to the chosen resort. In order to grant your rights, always remember to use a media of communication that might be verifiable in case of further claims; not telephones, but email messages, stating clearly the agreements occurred. For further information, have a look at “help” section of our website.


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